Praise for Julietta Harvey’s Novels:

‘Fresh, delightful and arresting. The sweep and momentum of history are maintained throughout like a rainbow arc through the murky sky of war and disruption. Julietta Harvey’s first novel combines dry wit with passion, and a sense of history with a wonderfully sensuous awareness of the immediate.’
Anita Desai, The Spectator

Familiar Wars is magnificently readable. The refugee Gregoris Gregoriou and his family are brilliantly portrayed, in time of war, in commercial success and disaster, in domestic and public dissension. The sketching of a huge cast of characters through action makes this book both powerful and memorable. By the end we are all Gregoris, Anastasia, Eleni; we have become Greeks caught up in a rich convincing saga. This is, in every sense, a big book.’
Stanley Middleton

‘Absolutely original. The first novel of Julietta Harvey is one of the best of the year and should be a favourite for the Booker Prize. The power of invention, of imagination, of creative force, make one hope her readers will be legion.’
Ariel Daigre, BBC World Service

Familiar Wars grants a magnificent sense, at once saddening and cheering, of what’s become of Homer’s people in our time, but it’s even more magnificent as a sustained ode, a long poem to the mercantile spirit and the things that human beings lovingly craft and greedily trade.’
Valentine Cunningham, The Observer