Titles by Julietta Harvey

One Third of Paradise by Julietta Harvey11009135_442530485919483_7827546917409631028_n (1)

‘Here is the book we were all hoping you would write. It made me remember your earlier book and how much I enjoyed the way you’d captured the way one’s homeland and one’s family can be both warmly involving and also fraught and stifling. The way you’d conveyed the times and their history through individual lives. And the vivid, sensuous imagery — textiles and fabrics and their feel.’
Anita Desai, October 2015

‘The themes of love, loss, exile and refugees’ yearning for a home are portrayed in all their bruising, heartbreaking inevitability . . . in language that’s rich and sensuous.’
Simon Lavery, Tredynas Days, June 2015


Familiar Wars by Julitetta Harvey familiar wars

1922. Alone of his family, a young Greek boy flees the Turkish massacre of Greeks in Smyrna. Arriving in Greece, Gregoris works with the desperate drive of the uprooted. With his genius for fabrics he may make and lose fortunes – while new wars approach, the German invasion, the Greek Civil War.

His young daughter Eleni registers the obscenity of foreign invasion, the intimate atrocity of civil strife. But will her secret alliance with her father drive her, too, to flee – from family wars and ties and enticements?